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How it works



Registration is very easy, all you have to do is to click on the "registration" button, enter your name and your e-mail address (company name will be added later). Completed! A few minutes later you will receive system access password in your mailbox. Of course, much better is to change the access password to your own immediately.

Right after entering a password, you are on a page of adding your company’s details. Required fields are marked with an asterisk, the rest can be omitted, however we would recommend you to fill in all fields from the beginning, as it might be anyway required by further work. Kindly please you to pay particular attention to the fields of "Person with signature authority." This is the name and surname of the person who has right to sign an invoice. This could be your name and/or the owner of the company and/or accountant.

By the way, the system can issue invoices with signatures and stamps, so if you want to use this feature, you must download the image file of signature and seal.  But this is later. There are also features for invoices with different registered car plates, different bank details, addresses etc.

Please note. There is an additional field for all companies in the system (for both your company and your Clients) namely:  "name of the company for internal use." It will not be used for invoices, but only for your personal internal convenience. For example, you have a business with several companies from China and by issuance of an invoice to distinguish them on the hieroglyph would not be easy.

The most difficult procedures are already passed and it will be easier further.

In the second step of registration, you need to enter basic taxes that are applied to your company; more often it is VAT, excise tax, and so on.  To do this, you just have to press the button Add in the upper right corner. Added? Well, click on "continue".

Now you can start to issue invoices. But it would be more convenient for your future work if you will fill in basic data book, to add your additional bank accounts, transport, basic goods and services, names of your customers.  You can add above mentioned also during the issuance of invoices, however spending some more 10 minutes right now for this work it will give you opportunity in your future work to issue invoices in a 10 seconds.




Filling in a basic data book


It is better to start to fill in your data book with the basic information, like currency, taxes, units of measurement.

The mechanism of work with the data book is similar for all this System (actually it is similar for every table or system).




2 main data books are: the "Contractors" (Clients of your company) and "Goods and Services".

You already are familiar with the Completion of information about your Contractors, it is very similar with completion of information of your own company.

Here, a special attention should be paid to the field “Article”, this is a short name of a product or service. It is for to help you to add quickly your products into the invoice. For example, your product are "oranges, size 10 cm, Spain, 1 grade" and you can give to an Article name No. AP10 and further easily use this short Article instead of writing orange descriptions.


Work with invoices

You can issue an invoice by clicking "Issue invoice from any location" Screen buttons

After you select a Client, you will see the current balance (sum of all unpaid invoices) with this particular Client.

With the issued (completed) invoice, you can do the following actions:

Delete-permanently delete invoice


Send as a link or as an attachment – in this way your invoice will be sent as a link to the PDF file. This helps to keep track of whether the invoice is received by the client. The invoice could have 3 sending statutes

Not sent- your invoice is prepared but not sent

Not read-your invoice was prepared and sent, as an attachment or as a link.

Read-your invoice was prepared and sent as a link. The Client got your email and went to the link indicated in your mail. This ensures that the client has received your invoice. We recommend you to use this option when you send an invoice.

Save as PDF

Fix a payment-payment fixation is made in a manual mode, you should note that the invoice has been paid fully or partially.  Using this function, you will be able to track your clients ' debt and work more effectively with financials.

Please note -in order to check quickly your balance with any of your Clients -click the button to issue an invoice and select your client from the list. In the opened for form the current balance will be appeared.

For your convenience, there are 2 options in the System, how to check whether your invoice was paid or not. Option 1 - check payment status of your invoice - not paid, partly paid, paid and option 2 - fixation of payment terms of your invoice - paid in time, soon due for payment, payment is overdue. Those options will help you to forecast cash flow and be more effectively in a planning of your own expenses.

To make fixation of payment is possible f in two options in the System-

1. You could do this from the list of invoices, just select the invoice and click "payment". We recommend using this method if you need to fix the payment of one particular invoice.

2. Other option is to make fixation of payment from a separate section in the menu-Fixation of payment. We recommend using this method if you need to fix the payment of one particular invoice.


In the section “Analytics” we have prepared a company's statistics for you. Here you could check information about monthly turnover as for the whole your company as for your each client separately. You can also add a filter for a certain time period (for example, current month, last month, last 3 months, last 6 months and so on) you also could add filter for status of payment of your particular invoice.

Statistics are shown for each currency separately (if you're using different currencies in issued invoices)


Please note. Of course, all this will work properly only if you register in the System you’re your invoices and make fixation of payment for each of your invoices.

In this section you also can check a list of all your debtors.

We plan to expand this section in the nearest future, if you have any comments or suggestions about this section, please contact us via the feedback form.



In the same section (Analytics) you can add a short reminder notes. Just click “to add note”, select date and time and write note text. For example, "to pay for mobile invoice till this year January 10th ", "to call client XXX about payment on January 15th at 15:00". Your created notes will be visible on the right side of the screen in calendar. Near the date in calendar you will see a mark, what you must do this day. In order to view your note you may click on a date in the calendar.